Monday, 1 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

As the festive season fast approaches we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom.

To help keep our customers warm and jolly this winter we are sending out Christmas hats with every order. Post a picture of you and your hat on our Facebook page and we’ll send you a Christmas gift.

Try our Christmas quiz!

1. In Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol, who was Scrooge's dead business partner?
3. How many points does a snowflake have?
4. Who wrote How the Grinch Stole Christmas?
5. Feliz Navidad is Happy Christmas in which language?
6. What was Mr Bean searching for when he got his head stuck in a turkey?

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You can place your orders by email;, call +44 (0)1280 827460 or fax +44 (0)1280 827466.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Black Friday: 100ug antibodies and 10ug protein from Uscn for £20

Uscn Life Science; a specialist ELISA Kit manufacturer have dramatically increased their product range to include 13,000 antibodies and 4,000 proteins

To introduce these products to the UK market, and coinciding with Black Friday, Uscn are offering 100ug vials of antibodies and 10ug protein for just £20 on all orders received by the 11th December at midday. (Maximum of 5 per department)

As a distributor of Uscn ELISA kits for many years, we are delighted to roll out this offer to our customers. Please order soon though as it’s only for a limited time.

Place your order as normal by the 11th December, stating the product code that you would like, with a value of £20 against it. All antibodies and proteins ordered will be shipped during the week commencing the 5th January 2015.

The antibodies and proteins can be found in alphabetical order in these links: 13,000 antibodies and 4,000 proteins . Alternatively, use our main search box on the home page and narrow your results by supplier (choose Uscn)  and then by product type (choose antibody or protein).

Any questions? Please call 01280 827460 or email us. We are here to help.

Uscn products are distributed in the UK by Caltag Medsystems Ltd,
Tel: +44 (0) 1280 827460
Fax: +44 (0) 1280 827466

5% off Functional Antibodies!

We are offering a 5% discount on a wide range of functional antibodies until the 31st December 2014...

Blocking/Neutralising Antibodies:
anti-APRIL (mouse), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Apry-1-1)
anti-Angiopoietin-2 (human), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Angy-1-4)
anti-Angiopoietin-2 mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Angy-2-1)
anti-IL-33 (mouse), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Bondy-1-1)
anti-BAFF (human), mAb (blocking) (4.62)
anti-TRAIL-R1 (human), mAb (HS101)
anti-TRAIL-R2 (human), mAb (HS201)
anti-NS5B (HCV), mAb (blocking) (5B-12B7)
anti-BTLA (human), mAb (6F4)
anti-LAG-3, mAb (blocking) (11E3)
anti-LAG-3 (human), mAb (blocking) (17B4)
anti-VEGF-A (human), mAb (3(6D3))

Inducing/Activating Antibodies:
anti-LTβR (mouse), mAb (4H8 WH2)
anti-LTβR (mouse), mAb (3C8)
anti-CD40 (mouse), mAb (FGK45)
anti-Fas (human), mAb (APO-1-3)

Depleting Antibodies:
anti-BAFF-R (mouse), mAb (9B9)
anti-Neutrophils (mouse), mAb (blocking) (Nimp-R14)

Conformation-specific Recombinant Antibodies:
anti-Rab1-GTP, mAb (rec.) (ROF7)
anti-Rab6-GTP, mAb (rec.) (AA2)
anti-Tubulin-GTP, mAb (rec.) (MB11)

Other Recombinant Monoclonal Antibodies:
anti-Giantin, mAb (rec.) (TA10)
anti-HMGB1, mAb (rec.) (Giby-1-4)
anti-IL-1R2 (mouse), mAb (rec.) (Praxy-1-1)
anti-Myosin IIA (non-muscle) (heavy chain), mAb (rec.) (SF9)
anti-α-Tubulin, mAb (rec.) (F2C)
anti-β-Tubulin, mAb (rec.) (S11B)
anti-IL-33 (mouse), mAb (rec.) (Carly-1-4)
anti-PEDF (human), mAb (rec.) (Serpy-1-4)

anti-EGFP, mAb (rec.) (G3)

Post-translational Modification-specific Antibody for Cancer Research:
anti-Polyglutamylation Modification, mAb (GT335)

Inflammasome Signalling Blocking Antibody:
anti-Asc, pAb (AL177)

We are extending this 5% discount to a number of functional antibodies from Ancell - to view the list of antibodies on offer, please click here to view the catalogue.

Adipogen are also able to provide antibodies developed from a NON-ANIMAL SOURCE using in vitro antibody phage display technology, as well as custom recombinant monoclonal antibodies. Please contact us if you would like more information. 

If you are interested in any of these products, simply quote 'FUNC5' when placing your order to qualify for a discount.You can place your orders by email;, call +44 (0)1280 827460 or fax +44 (0)1280 827466.

Friday, 21 November 2014

2015 Calendar Giveaway

We are giving away free Wall Calendars for 2015! Ideal to pin up in your office and easily view upcoming events. If you would like one, all you have to do is email us with your full delivery address and we will send it over.

These Calendars are supplied on behalf of Cytognos - a biotechnology company committed to advancing Flow Cytometry through the design and development of new reagents, software and techniques. For more information about Cytognos and their products, please click here

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Stem Cell – Regenerative Medicine

Caltag Medsystems are excited to bring to you a new range of Stem Cell reagents.

Stem cells offer the possibility of a renewable source of cells to replace lost function or structure for Alzheimer’s diseases, spinal cord injury, stroke, burns, heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Cancer and birth defects occur, most often, due to abnormal cell division and differentiation of embryonic stem cells. A better understanding of the genetic and molecular regulation behind any aberrations in these processes may yield information about how such diseases arise and suggest new strategies for therapy. Moreover, new candidate drugs could be tested for safety on stem cell lines, reducing the need for animal testing. 

BioVision Stem Cell reagents are available in the UK through Caltag Medsystems. To download a copy of  BioVision's Stem Cell Research Tools, please see here. To request a hard copy brochure, please email your request to

In addition to the new new range of Stem Cell reagents from Biovision, Caltag Medsystems supply stem cells from a number of different species; please click here for full details.
Stem Cell research can be applied to many different research purposes. Key papers referencing Biovision stem cell reagents include:

Alvero, A. B. et. al. Targeting the Mitochondria Activates Two Independent Cell Death Pathways in Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells. Mol. Cancer Ther., Aug 2011; 10: 1385 - 1393. 
Product cited:  ADP/ATP Ratio Bioluminescence Assay Kit, ApoSENSOR

Ahn et al., Human Adipose Tissue-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Inhibit T-Cell Lymphoma Growth In Vitro and In Vivo. Anticancer Res, Sep 2014; 34: 4839 - 4847. 
Product cited: Annexin V-FITC Apoptosis Kit

Herrmann et al., TLR9 Is Critical for Glioma Stem Cell Maintenance and Targeting. Cancer Res., Sep 2014; 74: 5218 - 5228.
Product cited: Annexin V-FITC Reagent

Leong et al., Targeting Cancer Stem Cell Plasticity Through Modulation of Epidermal Growth Factor and Insulin-Like Growth Factor Receptor Signaling in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Cancer. Stem Cells Trans Med, Sep 2014; 3: 1055 - 1065.
Product cited: Gefitinib

Abujarour et al.,Myogenic Differentiation of Muscular Dystrophy-Specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Use in Drug Discovery. Stem Cells Trans Med, Feb 2014;3:149 - 160.
Product cited: PD-0325901

Stem Cells have the potential to develop into many different cell types in the body during early life and growth. In many tissues, they serve as a sort of internal repair system, dividing essentially without limit to replenish other cells in live humans or animals. 

When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential either to remain a stem cell or become another cell type with a more specialized function, such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, or a brain cell. 

There are many ways in which human stem cells can be used in research and the clinic. Perhaps the most important potential application of human stem cells is the generation of cells and tissues that could be used for cell-based therapies. 

If you require further information about the range of Stem Cell related products available from Caltag Medsystems please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing or call +44 (0)1280 827460.

Cell Culture Celebration

Autumn Additions

We are offering customers purchasing any product from our Cell Culture range a free product of choice from those shown in the table below.

Latest Additions to the offer: Antibodies and Proteins for your Cell Culture Research

The offer is first come first served, so you’ll need to be fast! There’s a limited number of each free of charge product, so it’s best to check availability beforehand. Just call us on 01280 827460 and we’ll let you know. Remember to include the free of charge product on your order.

Put a zero cost next to it and we’ll know you’re not to be charged for it. Our Cell Culture range is constantly growing. We have a broad selection of Primary CellsSkinStem CellsTools and Reagents and Blood and Coagulation products to choose from.

Please contact us if you require a specific cell type, media, or human and animal tissue and we will do the sourcing for you.

Choose your free of charge product from this table, and we’ll send it out with your order:
Product code
Early Passage Human Coronary Artery Smooth Muscle Cells (HCASMC), cryopreserved
5x10^5 cells/vial
Early Passage Neonatal Fibroblasts
5x10^5 cells/vial
Human Umbilical Artery Endothelial Cells (HUAEC)
5x10^5 cells/vial
Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC) - Single Donor, Cryopreserved
5x10^5 cells/vial
Human Synoviocytes
5x10^5 cells/vial
Human Epidermal Melanocytes (HEM) - Neonatal, Cryopreserved
5x10^5 cells/vial
Human Dermal Fibroblasts (HDF) - neonatal, cryopreserved
5x10^5 cells/vial
Human Dermal Microvascular Endothelial Cells (HDMEC)
5x10^5 cells/vial
C5BL/6 Mouse Lung Fibroblast
2x10^6 cells/vial
Early Passage Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC) – pooled donor, cryopreserved
5x10^5 cells/vial
Recombinant Fibroblast Growth Factor 2, Basic (FGF2), Homo sapiens (Human)
Recombinant Interleukin 12A (IL12A), Homo sapiens (Human)
Recombinant Colony Stimulating Factor 2, Granulocyte Macrophage (GMCSF), Homo sapiens (Human)
Polyclonal Antibody to Signal Transducer And Activator Of Transcription 3 (STAT3), Homo sapiens (Human)
Recombinant Stem Cell Factor (SCF), Mus musculus (Mouse)
Polyclonal Antibody to Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor Gamma (PPARg), Mus musculus (Mouse)
Polyclonal Antibody to Signal Transducer And Activator Of Transcription 3 (STAT3), Mus musculus (Mouse)
Recombinant Stem Cell Factor (SCF), Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
Polyclonal Antibody to Signal Transducer And Activator Of Transcription 3 (STAT3), Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
Polyclonal Antibody to Colony Stimulating Factor 2, Granulocyte Macrophage (GMCSF)
Polyclonal Antibody to Stem Cell Factor (SCF)
Polyclonal Antibody to Fibroblast Growth Factor 2, Basic (FGF2)
Polyclonal Antibody to Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNFa)
Polyclonal Antibody to Interleukin 1 Beta (IL1b)
Polyclonal Antibody to Matrix Metalloproteinase 1 (MMP1)
Polyclonal Antibody to Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF)
Polyclonal Antibody to Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor C (VEGFC)
Polyclonal Antibody to Interleukin 6 (IL6)
Polyclonal Antibody to Interleukin 2 (IL2)
Polyclonal Antibody to Interferon Gamma (IFNg)
Monoclonal Antibody to Interferon Gamma (IFNg)
Polyclonal Antibody to Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1 (TGFb1)

For further information regarding our Cell Culture suppliers and products, please click here.

Friday, 7 November 2014

November Newsletter

--:Featured Products:--
Mouse Brain Vascular Pericytes (MBVP)
Catalogue #M1200
Brain Vascular Pericytes (BVP) participate in a variety of processes including angiogenesis, endothelial cell survival, regulation of capillary blood flow, and establishment and maintenance of the blood-brain barrier. Pericyte dysregulation has been linked to several pathological conditions such as hypertension, diabetic retinopathy, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and tumor angiogenesis.
Bovine Plasma Vitronectin (BPV) 
Catalogue #8538

Vitronectin is involved in a number of biological functions including cell adhesion, cell spreading and migration, cell proliferation, extracellular anchoring, fibrinolysis, hemostasis, and complement immune defense. Vitronectin can be used for coating tissueculture surfaces to promote cell adhesion, proliferation, and differentiation. Optimal conditions for cell attachment must be determined for each cell line and application

Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells (HBEpiC) 
Catalogue #3210
Studies using bronchial epithelial cell culture differentiated to induce a mucociliary phenotype have shown that IL-4 and IL-13 stimulation modulate basic cell functions such as proliferation, ciliary beating, and mucous production. Cell proliferation, as well as various other cellular processes in bronchial epithelial cells, is also regulated in part by EGF receptor signaling.

Bronchial Epithelial Cell Medium (BEpiCM) 
Catalogue #3211
Bronchial Epithelial Cell Medium (BEpiCM) is a complete medium designed for normal human bronchial epithelial cells in vitro. It is a sterile, liquid medium which contains essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, organic and inorganic compounds, hormones, growth factors and trace minerals. The medium does not contain serum.

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