Tuesday, 22 April 2014

It’s About Time!

As a little thank you, we’re including a free count down timer with every order. 
We hope it’s useful in timing your experiments!

How time flies

We hope you can ‘take the time’ to try our number code puzzle.

Work out the number sequence then replace the question marks with the missing numbers.
Tip: the code is to do with the passing of time.


Good luck. 
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Monday, 14 April 2014

Cell Culture Celebration

Spring Savings
We are offering customers purchasing any product from our Cell Culture range a free product of choice from those shown in the table below.

The offer is first come first served, so you’ll need to be fast! There’s a limited number of each free of charge product, so it’s best to check availability beforehand. Just call us on 01280 827460 and we’ll let you know. Remember to include the free of charge product on your order. 

Put a zero cost next to it and we’ll know you’re not to be charged for it. Our Cell Culture range is constantly growing. We have a broad selection of Primary Cells, Skin, Stem Cells, Tools and Reagents and Blood and Coagulation products to chose from.

Please contact us if you require a specific cell type, media, or human and animal tissue and we will do the sourcing for you.

Choose your free of charge product from this table, and we’ll send it out with your order:
Product code
Human Cryo Hepatocytes (CYP Induction Grade)
5x10^6 cells/vial
Human Epidermal Melanocytes (HEM) - Neonatal, Cryopreserved
5x10^5 cells/vial
Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC) - Single Donor, Cryopreserved
5x10^5 cells/vial
Early Passage Neonatal Fibroblasts
5x10^5 cells/vial
Early Passage Human Dermal Fibroblasts (HDF) – adult
5x10^5 cells/vial
C5BL/6 Mouse Lung Fibroblast
2x10^6 cells/vial
Human Brain Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
5x10^5 cells/vial
Human Astrocytes Cerebellar
1x10^6 cells/vial
Human Synoviocytes
5x10^5 cells/vial
Early Passage Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC) – pooled donor, cryopreserved
5x10^5 cells/vial
Angiogenesis Assay Control Kit (expiry 07/14)

For further information regarding our Cell Culture suppliers and products, please click here

Monday, 7 April 2014

EuroFlow; Flow Cytometry tests for Diagnosis and Prognosis

Euroflow; is a consortium of 17 diagnostic research groups working towards the standardisation of fast, accurate, and highly sensitive flow cytometric tests for diagnosis and prognostic (sub)classification of haematological malignancies.

The following products; screening tubes, validated antibodies, validated combinations, calibration particles and analysis software are recommended for use by Euroflow:

Euroflow Screening Tubes.

These kits are CE marked for in vitro diagnostic use and include compensation antibodies and Fix and Perm reagents where necessary:
The LST kit is the most complete 8-colour screening tube for lymphocytosis studies. This 12-antibody combination detects phenotypically aberrant populations of mature B-, T- and NK-cells.
The ALOT kit contains a combination of 8 antibodies for initial assessment of the nature of immature populations of hematopoietic cells in samples with suspicion of acute leukaemia.
PCST kit contains a combination of 8 antibodies for identification, discrimination and enumeration of coexisting normal/reactive and aberrant plasma cell populations. Recommended for initial screening of Plasma Cell Dyscrasias.
The SST kit is an enhanced version of the LST combination designed by EuroFlow™ consortium. This 11-antibody combination is optimized for the analysis of low cellularity samples such as cerebrospinal fluid, vitreous humor, fine needle aspirates, etc.

Validated antibodies
For in house construction of a Euroflow antibody panel, the following antibodies are all recommended by Euroflow:
Product Code
Application in EuroFlow™ Panels
Key: Blue box: Reference antibodies, White box:  Alternative antibodies

ALOT = Acute Leukaemia Orientation Tube, LST = Lymphoid Screening Tube, SST = Small Sample Tube, PCD = Plasma Cell Dyscrasia Tubes, BCP-ALL = B-cell Precursor ALL Panel, T-ALL = T-cell ALL Panel, AML = Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Panel, B-CLPD = B-cell Chronic Lymphoproliferative Diseases Panel, T-CLPD = T-cell Chronic Lymphoproliferative Diseases Panel, NK-CLPD = NK-cell Chronic Lymphoproliferative Diseases Panel

Validated Combinations
Antibody combinations validated by EuroFlow™ to evaluate mature lymphocyte populations include:

SLPC: Studies of Major Lymphocyte Subpopulations (2 colors)

Product Code
Application in EuroFlow™ Panels
CD8+Lambda-FITC / CD56+Kappa-PE
 25  test
CD8+Lambda-FITC / CD56+Kappa-PE
 50  test

SLPC4: Studies of Major Lymphocyte Subpopulations (3 colors)

Product Code
Application in EuroFlow™ Panels
CD8+Lambda-FITC / CD56+Kappa-PE / CD4-PerCP-Cy5.5
 25  test
CD8+Lambda-FITC / CD56+Kappa-PE / CD4-PerCP-Cy5.5
 50  test

SPHERE Rainbow Calibrations beads

8 peaks Rainbow Calibration Particles are used in EuroFlow™ standardisation guidelines throughout the study of initial PMT characterization, to set target MFI values and daily performance tracking of the flow cytometers.

8 peaks Rainbow Calibration Particles contain several similar sized particles that are dyed in eight different fluorescent intensities.  Each particle contains a mixture of fluorophores that are excited at any wavelength from 365 to 650 nm. The same set of particles enables the calibration of all channels in the flow cytometer. The Rainbow Particles have emission spectra compatible with many common fluorochromes used for immunofluorescent staining.

Product Code
 1 ml

Infinicyt Software

Infinicyt™ is a flow cytometry analysis software programme recommended by the EuroFlow™ consortium. It provides an innovative approach for data integration and multidimensional analysis of flow cytometry data. Its state-of-the-art features make analysis and interpretation of results easier, faster and more accurate.

Contact Us

Caltag Medystems is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for these products. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, +44 (0) 1280 827460, office@caltagmedsystems.co.uk

Friday, 28 March 2014

TransFix® – A Cellular Stabilisation Reagent

TransFix is a patented stabilisation solution that preserves extracellular antigens in human blood, animal blood and other cellular fluids for cellular analytical testing. 
TransFix® can be used in the following applications:

Human Blood Stabilisation
Untreated blood samples have a viable shelf life of 24-48 hours as the immunophenotypic profile is affected by natural degradation. Treating blood samples with TransFix extends the stability for flow cytometric analysis of cellular markers at 2⁰C to 25⁰C for 10 days and at 37⁰C for 3 days(1,2)

CSF Stabilisation
CSF leukocytes allow screening of suspected central nervous system localised leukaemia or lymphoma. It is recognised that stabilisation of CSF is required for patient screening as CSF cells are often low in numbers and degrade quickly. 
TransFix stabilises leukocytes and leukocytic antigens for flow cytometric analysis up to 10 days after collection(3-7). Research studies also show that lymphocyte yields are higher in TransFix treated CSF samples than in fresh samples. 

Bone Marrow Aspirate Stabilisation
Bone marrow examination is an essential procedure for the evaluation of:
  • A variety of clinical haematologic disorders  
  • Preclinical toxicity studies of anticancer compounds and immunosuppressive agents  
Independent research involving the use of TransFix to stabilise bone marrow samples has been published(8). Please note Cytomark have not independently validated these findings.

Animal Blood Stabilisation
Independent studies have been published detailing the use of TransFix in stabilising blood from chickens, turkey and fish (9,10,11)
Anecdotally, TransFix has also been used to stablise whole blood from mouse, rat, guinea pig, sheep, seal, turtle, ostrich and pig. However, Cytomark has not independently verified these findings

Blood Stabilisation for MHC Tetramer Assays
An independent study has been published detailing the use of  TransFix stabilsed blood in MHC Tetramer Assays for the identification of CMV specific CD8+ T Lymphocytes(12). Please note Cytomark have not independently validated these findings.
TransFix Sample Storage Tubes (CE) and TransFix (CE) are suitable for use with MHC Tetramer Assays

Immunostaining of Circulating Tumour Cells
TransFix stabilised blood samples were used for Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) analysis in an independent study(13). CTCs were detected by image analytics after fluorescence scanning microscopy. Please note Cytomark have not independently validated these findings  
TransFix Sample Storage Tubes (CE) and TransFix (CE) are suitable for use with Immunostaining of Circulating Tumour Cells

TransFix® is available in several formats
  • TransFix/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes (CE): 3ml & 9ml
  • TransFix/EDTA CSF Sample Storage Tubes (RUO): 5ml
  • TransFix Sample Storage Tubes (CE): 1.2ml
  • TransFix (CE): 1ml & 20ml 
Samples are available for all products, please request your samples by calling +44 (0) 1280 827460 or emailing cytomark@caltagmedsystems.co.uk.

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