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Angiogenesis: Analyse the Complete Pathway

Angiogenesis: Analyse the Complete Pathway

V2a Kit™ - Vasculogenesis to Angiogenesis
An in vitro human primary cell co-culture model of angiogenesis that includes all the phases of the angiogenic process.
Tubules formed contain a lumen and resemble the morphology and range of capillary lengths found in microvascular beds in vivo.

Build a Bespoke Angiogenesis Assay
Cellworks Angiogenesis tested Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC) and Human Dermal Fibroblasts (HDF) in combination produce tubules.
Cells, medium packages and staining kits are available separately, allowing total flexibility in angiogenesis assay design.
This option provides complete control over the number and cell types present, and the opportunity to manipulate the cells prior to culturing, for example by transfection.

Angiogenesis Image Analysis Software
The AngioSys 2.0 image analysis software provides a semi-automated analysis of angiogenesis by measuring the number of tubules, the number of junctions, the total tubule length, and the mean tubule length for each image.
Angiosys 2.0 is custom built software developed to quantitate tubules formed during in vitro angiogenesis assays based on the co-culture of endothelial cells with fibroblasts.

Angiogenesis Complete Assay Service
Analyse the Angiogenic Pathway: Cellworks Angiogenesis Service.
Compounds, media and tissue explants can be tested at any point in the angiogenic pathway using the Cellworks Angiogenesis Service. The service includes the following stages and can be tailored to your needs:
Performing Angiogenesis AssaysCapture and Analysis of Images
Provision of Raw Data
Bespoke Options

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