Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Are You Isolating Circulating Tumour Cells?

Are You Isolating Circulating Tumour Cells?
Caltag Medsystems
ScreenCell® is a simple and innovative non-invasive technology for isolating Circulating Rare Cells (CRCs) from whole blood, and potentially any atypical cell in biological fluids.
 ScreenCell® is currently the only system, which:
- is completely independent of any equipment
- is designed for standardised IVD assays and platforms
- allows you to filter in only 3 minutes
- allows the filtering of fixed as well as live cells if needed
- allows the analysis of residual fluid- is not dependant on EpCAM
By providing an easy access to fixed or live Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) and Circulating Tumour Microemboli (CTMs), the ScreenCell devices allow full phenotypical, genotypical, and functional characterisation of these cells. 
ScreenCell® devices are available in three different formats; ‘molecular biology’, ‘cell culture’ and ‘enumeration and cytomorpholoy’, selected according to the end point analysis required. Please click on the buttons below to find out more about these specific formats:   

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