Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Platelet function assessment in clinical trials

Do you need to consider platelet aggregation? 

It is my pleasure to introduce Java Clinical Research. A Clinical Research Organisation that has supported the assessment of platelet function in clinical trials since 1999.

Platelet function studies provide vital pharmacodynamic and population response data. This is often required by regulatory agencies if:

  • Your drug directly affects platelet function (e.g. ADP antagonists).
  • Your drug is in a class that has been shown to affect platelet function as a side effect (e.g. 5-HT4 antagonists).
  • Your drug's target suggests it may alter platelet function (e.g. BTK inhibitors).

Java Clinical offers a complete service in the design, implementation and interpretation of platelet function assays.

How can Java Clinical help?

Java Clinical offers guidance at each stage in the planning, execution and analysis of platelet assay services in preclinical and clinical trials. Full clinical trial management is also provided, with strategic advice on the clinical trial approval process, project management, regulatory application services, and clinical trial monitoring for all types of clinical studies. For more detail on how Java Clinical can help, please click on the links below:

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