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Evaluation of CD4 T-Cell Functional Responses – Introducing The Act T4 Cell Kit

The Act-T4 Cell™ kit is designed to be used in routine, clinical testing and in research to determine the CD4 T-cell-mediated immune response against pathogens, auto-antigens and allergens. The kit consists of an antibody cocktail which allows the identification and quantification of effector CD4 T-cells after incubation of whole blood with mitogens and/or antigens of interest. The total percentage increase of activated CD4 T-cells is related to the immune response against the stimulus used.

Features of the Act T4 Cell Kit:

- Enables the measurement of non-specific and antigen-specific CD4+ T cells (CD3+, CD4+,       CD134+ and CD25+).
- Allows isolation of activated CD4 T-cells for their application in further studies.
- Provides highly accurate and repeatable results on immunosuppressed and paediatric patients.

Several studies have recently validated the pre-clinical use of the Act-T4 Cell™ kit, to evaluate antigen-specific response against virus (e.g. CMV, EBV, HCV, HIV) or bacteria (e.g. Mycobacterium tuberculosis). Results were consistent with serology testing, cell proliferation studies and other techniques based on IFN-γ production levels, revealing the potential of Act-T4 Cell™ to be an accurate, easy and cost-effective method.

CD25+, CD134+, and CD4+ T Cells in response to mitogens and antigens. a) Dot-plots from a representative healthy adult control showing expression for CD25+, CD134+ and CD4+ T Cells in the control culture (0) compared with staining in response to PHA and SEB. b) Representative dot-plots from healthy adult controls showing expression for CD25+, CD 134+ and CD4+ T Cells in response to MTB, CMV and Candida. The percentage of CD25+, CD134+ and CD4+ T Cells is shown for each dot-plot. The gates for CD25+, CD134+ and CD4+ T Cells were based on comparison of negative control (no antigen) and positive control (PHA).

The Act-T4 Cell™ kit is intended to be used after incubating whole blood during 44-48 hours in a culture medium with the antigens/mitogens of interest. The use of a positive control (mitogens such as phytohaemagluttinin or staphylococcal enteroantigen B) and a negative control (unstimulated whole blood) are highly recommended. The antibody combination proposed enables the selection of activated antigen-specific CD4+ T cells.

The Act-T4 Cell™ kit includes two components with enough volume for 100 tests:
- One vial with the following 4-antibody combination:

- Erythrocyte lyse-non-wash solution (QuicklysisTM)

Product Information:
Product Name: Act-T4 Cell Kit
Product Code: CYT-AT4C
£839 (100 tests)
For further information about the Act-T4 Cell Kit, please click here

If you wish to view the reference values to quantify the increase of activated CD4+ T Cell subsets, please click here to access the paper ‘Establishment of a healthy human range for the whole blood “OX40” assay for the detection of antigen-specific CD4+ T cells by flow cytometry’ – Sadler et al (2014), Cytometry Part B.

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