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ViroMag R/L – For the Transduction of Retro and Lentiviruses

ViroMag R/L is a specific reagent optimised for retroviral and lentiviral applications.

ViroMag R/L and the virus to be transduced are mixed in a one-step procedure; no molecular biology processes or biochemical modifications are required. This reagent demonstrates an exceptionally high efficiency to promote, control and assist viral transductions.

Based on the Magnetofection™ technology, ViroMag R/L allows concentrating the complete applied dose of Retro/Lentiviral particles onto cells within minutes, inducing a significant improvement of virus infectivity with extremely low vector doses. Due to its specific properties, ViroMag R/L is ideal to infect non permissive cells.

- Suitable for all retroviral and lentiviral vectors, especially VSV-G pseudo viruses
- Mammalian cells: Cell lines, primary cells and hard-to-transfect cells

Main Features:
Increases Viral Transduction Efficiency:
- Up to 100-fold gene expression enhancement
- Increases percentage of transduced cells
- Magnetic-field guided local transduction
- Transduction of a variety of cells

Improves Viral Infectious Capacity:
- Significantly enhances virus infectivity, even with very low viral doses; from 5 to 100-fold infectivity improvement

Concentrates Viral Dose:
- Increases retroviral titer from culture supernatant by 1000 to 4000 fold
- Increases virus concentration on cell surface and uptake by 70-100 fold

Promotes and Accelerates the Infection Process

Allows Synchronisation of Transduction:
- Synchronise viral cell adsorption (uptake) and accurately monitor the kinetics of the viral replication cycle

 Magnetic Targeting:
- High transduction can be achieved under magnetic influence and confined to a specific area by the magnetic shape and position

Straightforward and Non-Toxic:
- No molecular biology or biochemical processes are required

Product Information

Product Code
Product Name
Number of Assays
ViroMag R/L 100µl
30-500 transductions in 96-well plate
ViroMag R/L 200µl
60-1000 transductions in 96-well plate
ViroMag R/L 1mL
300-5000 transductions in 96-well plate
ViroMag R/L Starting Kit
Contains 1 magnetic plate + 200µl ViroMag R/L

Magnetofection™ Technology was developed by Oz Biosciences to provide a novel, simple and highly efficient transfection method across a number of applications.

The principle of Magnetofection is to associate nucleic acids, transfection reagents or viruses with specific cationic magnetic nanoparticles. The resulting molecular complexes are then concentrated and transported into cells supported by an appropriate magnetic field. In this way, the exploitation of a magnetic force exerted upon gene vectors allows a very rapid concentration of the entire applied vector dose on cells, so that 100% of the cells get into contact with a significant vector dose, promoting cellular uptake.

Oz Biosciences have developed several optimised reagents for viral applications, including:
-ViroMag: For enhancing viral transduction efficiency 
-AdenoMag: For Adenovirus and AAV transduction 
-Calcium Phosphate Transfection Kit: For HEK 293 Cells 
-Viro-MICST: For the transduction/infection of cells during magnetic cell purification

Caltag Medsystems are the UK distributor for OZ Biosciences. For further information about their products, please visit our website,, call +44 (0)1280 827460 or email

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