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Leukapheresis Packs: Mononuclear Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma

I want to make you aware that AllCells can provide Leukapheresis Packs (LeukoPaks).

Leukapheresis Packs available from AllCells:
LeukoPaks: Mononuclear Cells and Plasma
Mobilised LeukoPaks: Ideal for large scale CD34+ Isolations
T Cell Isolation Options 

LeukoPaks: Mononuclear Cells and Plasma

Normal Healthy Leukapheresis Packs (LeukoPaks) are available in different sizes and with flexible collection options. In all LeukoPaks, the donors total blood volume is circulated through Cobe Spectra machines.

Full LeukoPak contains 150ml of mononuclear cells and 150ml of autologous platelet rich plasma. Half and Quarter LeukoPaks which contain between 50-75ml of mononuclear cells plus 50-75ml of autologous platelet rich plasma are also available. 

Full Pack:  Average Cell Number: 1.5 x 1010  Average Range: 1 to 3.5 x 1010  
Product Code: PB007

Half Pack:  Average Cell Number: 0.75 x 1010  Average Range: 0.6 to 1 x 1010  
Product Code: PB007-1

Quarter Pack:  AverageCell Number: 0.37 x 1010  Average Range: 0.1 to 0.71010  
Product Code: PB007-2

If you require Leukapheresis products from the same donor over a short period of time, AllCells can arrange for a Dual Half Pak collection.  This allows them to collect a Half Pack from the donor and then reserve the donor for a second Half Pack collection 6-12 weeks later.  Once a Full Leuko Pak volume has been collected, the donor must wait 6 months to undergo Leukapheresis again. 

Mobilised LeukoPaks: Ideal for large scale CD34+ Isolations

For customers looking to perform large scale CD34+ cell isolations, AllCells recommend Mobilised LeukoPaks.  Mobilisation involves a series of injections of G-CSF or one injection of Mozobil to the donor, this allows the donors to secrete the rich lymphocyte cell populations found in the bone marrow into the blood stream. A Leukapheresis collection is then performed.  Donors can perform a maximum of two mobilisations in their lifetime, with a one year period in between.  Only full packs are available for mobilised LeukoPaks.

AllCells have 4 mobilisation regiment options that our customers can choose from:

Product Code
Mozobil @20 mg/ml, 1.2ml single dose – Regimen A, apheresis 9-11 hours post injection  
1 Full pack
G-CSF @7.5-9.6 ug/kg/day x 3 days – Regimen A, apheresis on day 4           
1 Full pack
G-CSF @5 ug/kg/day x 5 days – Regimen E, apheresis on day 5                              
1 Full pack
G-CSF @6.9-9 ug/kg/day – Regimen C, apheresis on days 5 and 6
2 Full packs

Please note that each donor’s reaction to mobilisation is different, resulting in mobilised LeukoPaks with very high total cellularity count and some with lower total cellularity count per pack.  For best CD34+ isolation results, AllCells recommend mPB025-Reg.E.

T Cell Activation

For those customers looking at T-cell activation, AllCells recommend obtaining Whole Blood from a few donors, isolating the T-cells (which they can do for you) and testing for activation. AllCells will reserve the donors until your initial testing is complete. Let us know which donor worked best for your research and the donor will be recalled for a Full LeukoPak collection. 

Shipment of LeukoPaks

AllCells ship their fresh Leuko Paks on cold gel packs to customers in the UK and Ireland.  This slows the metabolism of the cells down for the overseas journey.

Please do not hesitate to contact Caltag Medsystems, the exclusive distributor of AllCells products in the UK, for further information. Email, call +44 (0)1280 827460 or visit our website

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