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Whole Blood Controls for Flow Cytometry


Whole Blood Controls for Flow Cytometry

Blood Controls 
What are Blood Controls?
Benefits of Blood Controls
Stabilised Human Whole Blood (RUO)
CD4 Low and Normal Blood Controls (RUO)
Blood Controls Email Alert Service
Publication Rewards
What are Blood Controls?
Stabilised Human Whole Blood Control and CD4 Low and Normal Blood Controls developed by Cytomark are stabilised preparations of human whole blood for use as a complete process control in research applications. They are commonly used for flow cytometric analysis to ensure that sample processing, equipment and operators are all performing optimally, thereby providing quality assurance.
The Benefits of Blood Controls:
  • Verification of monoclonal antibodies and flow cytometry reagents
  • Validation of flow cytometer performance
  • Validation of operator technique
  • Verification of red blood cell lysis
Stabilised Human Whole Blood (RUO):
Stabilised Human Whole Blood control details the expected count and range for T cells (CD3+), T helper cells (CD3+CD4+), T suppressor cells (CD3+CD8+), NK cells (CD56+) and B cells (CD19+).
Stabilised levels of lymphocyte subsets are within the following ranges:
  • T cells (CD3+/CD45+): 690 – 2540 cells/μl
  • T suppressor cells (CD3+CD8+/CD45+): 190 – 1140 cells/μl
  • T helper cells (CD3+CD4+/CD45+): 410 – 1590 cells/μl
  • NK cells (CD56+/CD45+): 90 – 590 cells/μl
  • B cells (CD19+/CD45+): 90 – 660 cells/μl
Product Code  Product Volume
CFWBStabilised Human Whole Blood  1.5ml
 CD4 Low and Normal Blood Controls (RUO):
Cytomark CD4 Blood Controls are stabilised whole blood controls designed to contain normal (CD4 Normal Blood Control) and low (CD4 Low Blood Control) levels of CD4+ T cells in whole blood, whilst maintaining the forward/side scatter profile of whole blood when analysed by flow cytometry.
The CD4 Normal Blood Control contains CD4+ T cells in the normal range (410-1590 cells/µl) and the CD4 Low Blood Control contains CD4+ T cells in a low range (200-300 cells/µl). These controls can be purchased separately or as a pair.
Product Code  Product Volume
CF04-LCD4 Low Blood Control 1.5ml
CF04-NCD4 Normal Blood Control  1.5ml
CF04-DuoCD4 Low and Normal Blood Control Set   2x1.5ml
Blood Controls Email Alert Service:
To receive email alerts when new batches of Stabilised Human Whole Blood control or CD4 Low and Normal Blood Controls are available please email cytomark@caltagmedsystems.co.uk.
Samples of all products are available for evaluation, please request your samples by calling
+44 (0) 1280 827460 or emailing

Publication Rewards:
If your research using Cytomark's reagents culminates in a publication, could you share your accomplishment with us?
We are offering a Free Amazon Kindle for each New Publication.
It's easy: just send us your peer-reviewed journal article published within the last 2 years. The article should reference at least one Cytomark product, and should state the Product Code. As long as the publication doesn’t already exist in our bibliography, we will be delighted to reward you with a Kindle.
Please send your articles to cytomark@caltagmedsystyems.co.uk. One Kindle per journal article.

Cytomark is a division of Caltag Medsystems dedicated to the stabilisation and analysis of cells.
To order; simply call, fax or email using the following contact details:
Tel: +44 (0) 1280 827460 or 0800 279 9113
Fax: +44 (0) 1280 827466 or 0800 279 9114
Email: cytomark@caltagmedsystems.co.uk
Address: Whiteleaf Business Centre, 11 Little Balmer, Buckingham, MK18 1TF, UK.
www.cytomark.co.uk <http://www.cytomark.co.uk
Caltag Medsystems have
been accredited to ISO
13485:2003 standard.

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