Thursday, 6 November 2014

Chronic Aging with VitroAge: Natural aging in vitro

Traditional culture media have evolved over 50 years to provide strong proliferation for extended periods. They contain many protective and stimulatory factors and nutrients that exert a powerful anti-aging effect.

The new VitroAge medium (CnT-AG2) lacks these protective elements. Keratinocytes age naturally in this over a period of several weeks, without the need for acute doses of oxidizors or other synthetic pro-aging chemicals.

The Vitroage epidermal model maintains normal cell morphology, but generates several well documented in vivo signs of ageing including reduced lifespan and disrupted metabolism.
This unique medium is available from Caltag Medsystems,

- VitroAge Keratinocyte Aging Medium (product code: CnT-AG2), 500 ml
- VitroAge Aging Medium, Free Sample (product code: CnT-AG2-SAMPLE), 250 ml.

To request your free of charge sample, please send your order to, or fax to 01280 827466. Please note that there will be a £15 shipping charge which will be needed to be included on your order.

Keratinocytes aged over 4 weeks in CnT-AG2 cycle 
progressively more slowly, and then reach senescence.
Signs of Chronic Aging In Vitro

Keratinocytes aged in the VitroAge medium for 3 weeks display a range of age-related changes also found in vivo.

Key changes include progressive loss of proliferative function, disrupted metabolism and drug oxidation.

Keratinocytes aged in VitroAge medium have also been evaluated using MRM proteomics to quantify 100 proteins in parallel.

Caltag Medsystems are the UK distrubutor for CellnTec products. For further information about their products please email or call 01280 827460

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