Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Increase the sensitivity of flow cytometry studies with BulkLysis

BulkLysis, an isotonic lysing solution from Cytognos provides osmotic lysis of erythrocytes before immunofluorescence staining of peripheral blood or bone marrow aspirate samples.

Applications of BulkLysis

  • Increase the sensitivity of minimal residual disease detection (up to 1 cell in 100 000 cells = 0,001%). 
  • Used when nucleated cell concentration needs to be increased, such as for AML/MDS panels. 
  • Easy to apply in samples with low cell counts or to detect small/rare populations. 
  • Provided as 150 ml 10X concentrated solution containing ammonium chloride, potassium hydrogen carbonate and EDTA. This volume is sufficient for 30 tests.

To achieve greater sensitivity in immunophenotypic characterization of different cell subsets, starting with high cell numbers is recommended. This can be achieved by using BulkLysis; a fixative-free erythrocyte lysing solution that does not interfere with immunofluorescence.

The figure below shows representative flow cytometry data on normal peripheral blood treated with BulkLysis only (prior to staining), other commercial lysis with fixative agent (after staining) and the combination of the two (BulkLysis prior to staining and fixative agent lysis after staining).

Figure: Scatter characteristics of peripheral blood lysed with BulkLysis working solution and/or lysis with fixative agent (FSC threshold at 10 000; Image obtained using Infinicyt ®software, Cytognos, Spain).

Caltag Medsystems is the exclusive distributor for Cytognos in the UK and ROI. If you would like further information about BulkLysis or any other Cytognos products, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by email or call us on 01280 827460.

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