Monday, 18 August 2014

MESACUP Anti-Skin profile TEST (CE)

An Anti-Skin Profile ELISA Kit: a single assay to detect five skin specific auto-antibodies.

Autoimmune bullous diseases are a group of cutaneous disorders characterised by skin blistering or erosions and classified into pemphigus, pemphigoid, and epidermolysis bullosa aquisita (EBA).

The Anti-Skin Profile ELISA Kit can simultaneously detect five anti-Skin-specific antibodies (anti-Dsg1, anti-Dsg3, anti-BP180, anti-BP230 and anti-TypeVII collagen) in human serum, which helps in the diagnosis of patients with pemphigus (PV/PF), bullous pemphigoid (BP) and EBA.

  • Single assay detects five anti-skin-specific antibodies
  • Qualitative detection anti-Dsg1, anti-Dsg3, anti-BP180, anti-BP230 and anti-TypeVII collagen in human serum.
  • A single patient’s sample can be tested for all 5 antigens on 12 occasions
  • This is the only commercially available anti skin panel ELISA kit for diagnosis and monitoring of Autoimmune bullous diseases.

MESACUP Anti-Skin Profile ELISA Kit (CE)
Product Code: RG-7115EC-D

NB: Qualitative detection of each of anti-Dsg1, anti-Dsg3,anti-BP180, anti-BP230 and anti-TypeVII collagen in human serum can also be measured individually using single ELISAs.

BP230 ELISA (CE Mark), Product Code: RG-7613EC-D

Mesacup Desmoglein test Dsg1 (CEmark), Product Code: RG-7880EC-D

Mesacup Desmoglein test Dsg3 (CE mark), Product Code: RG-7885EC-D

BP180 ELISA Kit (CE Mark), Product Code: RG-7695-EC-D

The recombinant antigens used by this profile kit:

Skin-specific autoantibodies
Used recombinant antigens
BP180 NC16a
BP230-C and BP230-N
Anti-TypeVII Collagen
NC1 and NC2

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