Thursday, 10 July 2014

Melanocyte Pigmentation

Melanocytes are neural crest-derived cells that are found primarily in the basal layer of the epidermis.

Melanocyte progenitors are known as melanoblasts. These cells are proliferative, express little melanin, and frequently display a bi-polar phenotype with two dendrites.

In response to differentiation signals, melanoblasts form membrane bound vesicles known as melanosomes in which melanin granules form, and increase dendricity. To complete pigmentation of the epidermis, melanosomes (and their melanin granules) are transferred to neighbouring keratinocytes via the dendrites.

In vitro melanocyte pigmentation is commonly investigated by quantifying either:
With powerful growth factors, it has been possible to develop media that deliver good growth and features of differentiation such as increased dendricity and melanin expression.
Caltag Medsytems can provide you with this unique media, and are also able to supply the melanocyte cells.

- Melanocyte Medium (product code: CnT-40), 500 ml
- Melanocyte Medium, Free Sample (product code: CnT-AG2-SAMPLE), 250 ml.

To request your free of charge sample, please send your order to, or fax to 01280 827466. Please note that there will be a £25.50 shipping and dry ice charge which will be needed to be included on your order.

- Epidermal Melanocytes, Adult, Single donor (product code: HEMas)
- Epidermal Melanocytes, Juvenile, Single donor (product code: HEMns)

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