Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Transcription Factors: Activation Plate Array

Transcription factors play an important role in signal transduction pathways.  Activated by stimuli, they bind to the specific DNA recognition site on the promoter region and regulate gene expression.

Monitoring the activation of multiple transcription factors simultaneously is critical to understanding the molecular mechanism of cellular regulation and discovering unknown signal pathways.

The Transcription factors activation profiling plate array from Signosis is used for quantitative comparison of transcription factor binding activities , combining 48 or 96 different Transcription factors in one plate assay simultaneously for human, mouse and rat samples.

Transcription Factors: Activation Plate Arrays allow:
  1. Quantitative Comparison-Differences between two samples can be quantitatively analysed and compared.
  2. Simple Procedures - Probe incubation, spin column separation, plate hybridisation, and HRP detection.
  3. No special requirement -Capital instruments such as Luminex are not needed.

For further details regarding assay principles, literature and data regarding the TF Activation Profiling Plate, please view the Signosis page

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