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DJ-1/PARK7 - A Human ELISA Kit

DJ-1/PARK7  (Parkinson disease [autosomal recessive, early onset] 7 ) has been isolated as a gene associated with early-onset Parkinson's disease. DJ-1 is also involved in many diverse biological processes. Evidence suggests that DJ-1 plays a role in the oxidative stress response, modulates various transcription factors, DJ-1 also plays a role in human tumourigenesis. 
Recent Citation: Manuel F. Bande, et. Al., Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci., Jan 2012; 53: 62 - 67.

CircuLex TM Human DJ-1/PARK7 ELISA Kit, 96 wells.

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DJ-1 (PARK7/CAP1/RS) was originally cloned as a putative oncogene capable of transforming NIH-3T3 cells in cooperation with H-ras (1), a protein expressed in sperm (2), and a regulator of RNA-protein interactions (3). DJ-1 has also been isolated as a gene associated with autosomal early-onset Parkinson's disease (PD) (4). 

Taken together, DJ-1 appears to be involved in diverse biological processes (5). First, several lines of evidence suggest that DJ-1 plays a role in the oxidative stress response (6, 7). In cu1tured mammalian ce11s, DJ-1 quenches reactive oxygen species and is converted into a variant with a more acidic isoelectric point (6, 8). Therefore, DJ-1 protects against reactive oxygen species-induced cell death, and its suppression with small interfering RNA (siRNA) sensitizes cells to such insults (7-10). Second, DJ-1 modulates transcription through interaction with DJ-1-binding protein (11) as well as with protein inhibitor of activated STAT (PIAS) (12). The latter modulates the activity of various transcription factors, Third, DJ-1 has been recognized as a regulatory subunit of an RNA-binding protein (13). Fourth, DJ-1, which is structurally related to the molecular chaperone Hsp31, may have chaperone activity itself, preventing heat-induced aggregation of substrate proteins, including alpha-synuclein (14).

In addition, evidence also suggests that DJ-1 plays a role in human tumorigenesis. Breast cancer patients have elevated levels of circulating DJ-1 and anti-DJ-1 autoantibodies compared to healthy and non-breast cancer patients (15). Furthermore, DJ-1 protein is increased in primary non-small cell lung carcinoma samples (16). Additionally, treatment of cells from the human lung cancer cell line NCI-H157 with paclitaxel and MEK inhibitor U0126 leads to a decrease in DJ-1 protein expression (16).


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