Monday, 18 June 2012

Samples Available For Blood Controls For Flow Cytometry

The quantitation of CD4+ cells by flow cytometry is a vital tool in evaluating human immunodeficiencies. Cytomark have developed two stabilised preparations of human blood with known lymphocyte absolute counts including CD4+ cells. They are intended for use as daily run controls in blood sample analysis to ensure that sample processing, equipment and operators are all performing optimally thereby providing quality assurance in the immune monitoring of patients.

CD4 Blood Controls are available in two formats; a normal CD4 blood cell profile - >700 cells/µl and a low CD4 blood cell profile - between 200 and 300 cells/µl. The low control simulates CD4 levels observed in advanced HIV/AIDS patients. The CD4 blood controls can be purchased separately or as a pair.

Benefits of CD4 Blood Controls

* Available in two formats, CD4 Low and CD4 Normal
* Verification of monoclonal antibody and FACS reagents
* Validation of flow cytometer performance
* Validation of operator technique
* Verification of red blood cell lysis

Samples are available for all products:

Product Code: CF04-L_S - CD4 Stabilised Whole Blood Control - Low - 0.5ml vial – Sample (0.5 ml)
Product Code: CF04-N_S - CD4 Stabilised Whole Blood Control - Normal - 0.5ml vial – Sample (0.5 ml)
Product Code: CF04-Duo_S - CD4 Stabilised Whole Blood Control - Low & Normal - 2 x 0.5ml vials – Sample (2 x 0.5 ml)

Read more on Blood Controls here.

Please request your samples by calling 01280 827460 or emailing

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