Tuesday, 29 May 2012

mSIN3A and the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation

The bHLHZIPP protein Max interacts with both the Myc and Mad family proteins to form heterodimers that specifically bind DNA and regulate transcription. Myc-Max complexes act as transcriptional activators, while Mad-Max complexes have the opposite function.

mSin3A is a mammalian homolog of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae transcriptional corepressor Sin3p. mSIN3A binds to the Mad/Max family of transcription factors via the first N-terminal 25 residues of Mad, known as the mSin3 interaction domain, or SID. The Mad/Max heterodimer and mSin3A form ternary complexes that bind DNA and modify Mad activity, and are thus involved in regulating cell proliferation and differentiation.

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Recent Citation: Pengpeng Ma, et. Al., PNAS, Feb 2012; 109: E481 - E489

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