Friday, 20 April 2012

AdipoGen™ - The Original Source for New & Innovative Small Molecules

BioViotica, part of the Adipogen portfolio is dedicated to producing and characterizing “Rare Active Natural Products” as research reagents.

BioViotica focuses on the discovery and fermentation of rare biological active natural products from bacteria and fungus. These products have a defined mode of action and are of high interest to the academic, pharmaceutical high throughput and medicinal chemistry research covering biochemistry, molecular biology and pest management. The compounds are sold as single items or as Natural Product Libraries for screening purposes.

Small molecules recently introduced to the bench include:

New Sonic Hedgehog Modulator: Robotnikinin - Product Code: AG-CR1-0069-M001
Brain Permeable SIRT2 Inhibitor: AK-7 - Product Code: AG-CR1-3511-M005
Potent FXR Agonist: 5-ECDCA - Product Code: AG-CR1-3560-M005
New Promising Antibiotic Structure:Tropodithietic acid (TDA) - Product Code: BVT-0152-M001
Stem Cell Biology Modulator: Y-27632.2HCl - Product Code: AG-CR1-3564-M001
Hedgehog (Hh) Signalling Pathway Inhibitor: GANT61 - Product Code: AG-CR1-3561-M001
TRPV1 and TRPA1 Agonist: Hydroxy-alpha-sanshool - Product Code: AG-CN2-0005-M001
Selective Inhibitor of Pim-1 and Pim-2Protein Kinases: SMI-4a - ProductCode: AG-CR1-3503-M005
Programmed Cell Death Inducer: CHS-828 - Product Code: AG-CR1-0064-M005

Adipogen products are available in the UK exclusively through Caltag Medsystems. Please visit or for further product information.

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