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Our Cell Culture Range Keeps Doubling

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Our Cell Culture Range Keeps Doubling
Cells, Media, 3D Hydrogels and Skin Available from Caltag Medsystems
Xeno-Free Media Supplement
Xcyte™ Plus Xeno-free media supplement is a human platelet based product that allows for optimal cell growth and maintenance, without the need to worry about animal based supplements and lot-to-lot variability. 

Cell Lines Now Available 
AddexBio provides a variety of cell lines: cancerimmortalisedprimary and stable cell lines for research studies. These cell lines can be used to improve our understanding of diseases. 

Significant Savings on Animal Cells
C&M LabPro offers animal cell products isolated from mouseratnon-human primate and pig. Currently, they are offering significant discounts on a selection of their cells.

Non-Foetal Human Cells Available
Caltag Medsystems has access to a large number of human cell types of non-foetal origin, including fibroblasts, cardiomyocytes, stellates and haematological cells. Contact us now to find out if we have the cells that you require.

A New Generation of Hydrogel for 3D Cell Culture
BIOMIMESYS® represents a new generation of mimetic hydrogels for 3D cell culture. Available in ready-to-use formats, they enable the culture of cells under physiological conditions that are representative of the microenvironment found in whole tissues. The highly porous nature of the scaffolds allow the rapid uptake of nutrients, oxygen, etc. into the cells to create a reproducible study model for all downstream analytical techniques used with 3D cell culture.

AllCells specialises in the provision of haematopoietic and immunological cells collected from healthy donors within an IRB Approved Clinical Division. They currently provide both low and high resolution HLA typing options and have a large selection of PBMC’s in stock with known HLA types. A list of the products that have currently been HLA typed can be found here

Frozen Skin Inventory
Biopredic International is a major worldwide supplier of human and animal skin products, which can be used for several applications such as; compound penetration, skin irritation, toxicology, metabolism and primary cell isolation. The inventory currently contains abdominal and breast skin available as full thickness or dermatomed.
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