Monday, 4 July 2016

HLA-Typed Haematopoietic Cells

Did you know that AllCells provide HLA typed PBMCs?  

AllCells specializes in the provision of haematopoietic and immunological cells collected from healthy donors within an IRB Approved Clinical Division. This allows the scheduling of all donors and the capability to recall donors to meet your specific HLA typing needs. We currently provide both low and high resolution HLA typing options and have a large selection of PBMC's in stock with known HLA types.  Customers receive HLA Donor Reports specific to the HLA typed lots purchased.  HLA fees vary depending on frozen or fresh product requirements and are applied on a per donor basis.  Let AllCells be your expert resource for HLA typed donors.

An example of the products that have currently been HLA typed, and the donor information that can be provided can be found here. Please contact me to discuss your requirements in further detail or for pricing information.

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