Monday, 13 August 2012

Solute Carriers from MBL International

  • Useful for transporter related diseases and drug discovery
  • Solute carrier antibodies have been verified by analysis of cells transfected with full length SLC cDNA
  • Applications: FCM, WB, ICC, IHC
Many important nutrients, including glucose and amino acids, are water soluble. Transporter proteins enable water soluble nutrients to cross the lipid double membrane and enter the cell. These membrane transporters form a large and diverse family of proteins which are highly selective for specific solutes, called solute carriers (SLC). Transporters can be divided into pumps (ATP binding cassette) which consume energy by hydrolyzing ATP, and carriers which facilitate the diffusion of solutes without use of ATP. The human genome encodes 49 known pumps and 360 solute carrier proteins. Transporters are expressed throughout the body, but are most abundant in kidney, liver and the nervous system.

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