Monday, 11 June 2012

Samples Available for Blood Stabilisation

TransFix® is a CE marked cellular stabilisation solution that when added to Whole Blood, Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), Bone Marrow and Fine Needle Aspirates, preserves cell surface antigens for a minimum of 10 days. TransFix® is added to whole blood samples at the time of venepuncture and provides stabilisation to permit extended storage and/or transportation. This allows greater flexibility for testing and potential reduction in costs e.g. by allowing samples to be batched.
TransFix®, from Cytomark, is available in several formats: blood or CSF sample storage tubes, direct draw vacuum blood collection tubes and in bulk volumes. Samples are available for all products, please request your samples by calling +44 (0) 1280 827460 or emailing
Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes are plastic, direct draw tubes used to collect and stabilise venous blood at the point of collection. Tubes are available in 3ml or 10ml sizes. Each tube is prefilled with sufficient TransFix® containing K3EDTA for the stabilisation of 3ml or 10ml of blood, respectively. Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes are CE marked. 
Product Code: TVT-03-2- 2 x 3ml Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes – sample
Product Code: TVT-10-2 - 2 x 10ml Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes – sample
TransFix® Sample Storage Tubes are 2ml capacity, screw top tubes, prefilled with 0.2ml of TransFix®. They are suitable for the addition of 1ml of anti-coagulated whole blood. 
Product Code: TF-01-2 - 2 x 1ml Sample Storage Tubes containing 0.2ml TransFix® - sample

TransFix® EDTA CSF Sample Storage Tubes can be used to stabilise up to 5ml of CSF. 

Product Code: TF-CSF-5-2 - 2 x 5ml CSF Sample Storage tubes containing 0.2ml TransFix®/EDTA - sample
TransFix® Bulk CE marked is available as a bulk solution.
Product Code: TFB-01-1 - 1ml vial TransFix® Bulk – sample
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