Friday, 20 April 2012

Multiplex 31 Cytokines in 1 ELISA Assay

Cytokines are signalling molecules that have critical roles in many biological processes. Groups of cytokines are commonly involved in disease processes, and comprehensive analysis of the expression of multiple cytokines is paramount to revealing the underneath mechanism of the disease state effectively.

TheHuman Cytokine ELISA Plate Array I from Signosis, allows monitoring of the abundance of 31 human cytokines in a high-throughput manner. This assay is a fast and sensitive tool for quantitatively profiling the levels of multiple cytokines between samples simultaneously.

  • Multiplex - AELISA plate allows the measurement of 31 cytokines for 3 samples.
  • High Sensitivity - The assay requires minimal amount of samples with chemiluminescence.
  • Quantitative Profiling - Unlike membrane-based array assays, the differences of individual proteins among samples can be quantitatively compared.
  • No need of capital equipment - Unlike beads-based assays, no capital equipment is required.
  • Simple procedure - All in one system with a pre-coated plate.

Human Cytokine ELISA Plate Array I (Chemiluminescence): Product Code EA-1011

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