Friday, 2 March 2012

STEPCOUNT™ - Absolute Counting Cells For Flow Cytometry

Immunostep Stepcount™ tubes are designed for determining absolute counts of cells in peripheral blood, bone marrow, leukapheresis and culture medium samples using flow cytometry.

Stepcount™ tubes are a single-platform system for absolute counts, which can be used in combination with monoclonal antibodies conjugated with different fluorochromes, which make possible to identify cell sub populations for which the absolute count is intended.

Absolute counting of cells or cell subsets has a number of significant clinical applications as monitoring the disease status of HIV-infected patients, enumerating residual white blood cells in leukoreduced blood products, and assessing immunodeficiency in a variety of situations. The singleplatform method (flow cytometry alone) has emerged as the method of choice for absolute cell enumeration. This technology counts only the cells of interest in a precisely determined blood volume. Exact cell identification is accomplished by a logical electronic gating algorithm capable of identifying lineage-specific immunofluorescent markers. Exclusion of unwanted cells is automatic. This extensive and detailed unit presents protocols for both volumetric and flow-rate determination of residual white blood cells and of leukocyte subsets.

Benefits of Stepcount™

  • Single-platform system for absolute counts
  • In vitro diagnostic use
  • Closed transparent tubes with a metal screen, including a white matrix at the bottom
  • Excitable at wavelengths from 365 to 650nm 
StepCount Tubes (25 test)
Product Code: STP-25T

StepCount Tubes + CD3/CD16+56/CD45/CD19 (50 test)
Product Code: STPKIT2-50T

StepCount Tubes + CD3/CD4/CD45 (50 test)
Product Code: STPKIT3-50T

StepCount Tubes + CD3/CD4/CD8/C45 (50 test)
Product Code: STPKIT1-50T

StepCount Tubes + CD4/CD8/CD3 (50 test)
Product Code: STPKIT4-50T

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