Thursday, 15 March 2012

LAG-3 (CD223): A Marker for Activated T Cells.

The Anti LAG-3 antibody, clone 17B4, is a potent antagonistic LAG-3 antibody, and is available in various conjugates from Adipogen (see further down for product details). LAG-3 (CD223) is a marker for activated T cells. It is a:
  1. CD4-like membrane protein which binds to MHC class II protein.
  2. Expressed by T cells, B cells, NK cells and plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs).
  3. Negatively regulates T cell homeostasis, proliferation and activation.
  4. Enhances Treg induced suppressive activity.
  5. Soluble LAG-3 enhances DC activation and immunogenicity of tumor vaccines.
  6. Antagonistic LAG-3 antibodies inhibit LAG-3 as down-regulator of the T cell response and lead to enhanced T cell proliferation.
For further information about LAG-3, please see the selected review article: The CD4-like molecule LAG-3, biology and therapeutic applications: S. Sierro, et al.; Expert. Opin. Ther. Targets 15, 91 (2011) (Review)
Anti LAG-3 antibody, clone 17B4: a potent antagonistic LAG-3 antibody:
Biologically Active Soluble LAG-3:
Visit the Adipogen web site for a full list of LAG- 3 reagents. Caltag Medsystems is the exclusive distributor for Adipogen Products in the UK.

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