Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ancell™ – Source for High Quality Immunology Research Reagents

Ancell Corporation provides monoclonal antibodies, recombinant fusion proteins, isotype controls and second step reagents for immunology research.

They offer a comprehensive range of human CD antibodies, developed and variously labelled to perform in multiple applications, including flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, ELISA, Western Blot, Immunopreciptation and Immunocytochemistry. Search by application here, just download our excel spread sheet and choose the application you are interested in. Several antibodies also have functional applications (antagonistic antibodies) and can be viewed in the same spread sheet.

Ancell also offers a broad range of labelled and unlabelled biologically active recombinant fusion proteins that are complementary to their CD marker antibody panel, view their recombinant protein range here.

View their anti-mouse antibodies here.

View the new Dylight350 conjugates – suitable for use with Flow Cytometers with a UV laser

Ancell also provide isotype controls, second step reagents, progenitor/stem cell products, TNF superfamily and cytokine related research reagents.

The current most popular products from Ancell include:

1. The anti-CD28 antibody - a Superagonist. This antibody can stimulate T cell IL-2 production even in the absence of receptor engagement.

Product Code: ANC-177-820
Form: Pur/PF
Size: 100 µg

2. The line of Fab and F(ab’)2 fragments
Product Code: ANC-359-580 anti-CD152 (ANC152.2/8H5) F(ab)
Product Code: ANC-165-580 anti-CD16 (3G8) F(ab)
Product Code: ANC-144-580 anti-CD3ε (UCHT1) F(ab)
Product Code: ANC-181-580 anti-CD32 (7.3) F(ab)
Product Code: ANC-359-520 anti-CD152 (ANC152.2/8H5) F(ab‘)2
Product Code: ANC-165-520 anti-CD16(3G8) F(ab‘)2
Product Code: ANC-167-520 anti-CD18 (IB4) F(ab‘)2
Product Code: ANC-177-520 anti-CD28 (ANC28.1/5D10) F(ab‘)2
Product Code: ANC-144-520 anti-CD3ε (UCHT1) F(ab‘)2
Product Code: ANC-181-520 anti-CD32 (7.3) F(ab‘)2
Product Code: ANC-252-520 anti-CD62P (G1/G1-4) F(ab‘)2
Product Code: ANC-216-520 anti-CD64 (10.1) F(ab‘)2

3. Recombinant protein direct conjugates (such as CD40 muIg/PE) which bind, in flow cytometry or immunohistochemistry to their counter receptors across various species.
The CD40-muIg fusion protein blocks binding of anti-human CD40 to Raji human tumour cells.

Product Code: ANC-504-050
Form: R-PE
Size: 50 tests

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