Friday, 17 February 2012

New Supplier of Ion Channel Blocker Peptides

Wuhan More Biotechnology Co. Ltd was founded in 2008, to provide novel peptides for use in drug development and to make gene engineering peptide technology available to the biotech and pharmaceutical research communities. 

The core technology area of the company is gene engineering, and includes peptide research, development and application. Wuhan More Biotechnology Co. works in partnership with Wuhan University, a prominent University in China for Gene Engineering, to maintain its knowledge in this core technology area.

Wuhan More Biotechnology Co. provides high quality ion channel blocker peptides to researchers. Each peptide is verified for pharmacological activity using whole cell patch-clamp experiments. Currently 26 ion channel blocker peptides are available (17 K+ Channel, 1 CI- Channel, 4 Ca2+ Channel, 2 ASIC Channels, 2 Na+ Channel), each containing between 2 to 5 pairs of disulfide bonds, purified to more than 98% and verified by mass spectrometry.

The ion channel blocker peptides available are recombinant peptides, synthesized following the analysis and subsequent construction of cDNA libraries of scorpion and sea anemone venom. The venom contains an array of enzymes and large proteins and is a rich source of toxic polypeptides containing 20-90 amino acid residues cross-linked by pairs of disulphide bridges. Most of these toxic polypeptides can specifically interact with Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca2+ ion channels to affect ion-channel function of excitable cells.

View ion channel blockers below by following their links:
K+ Channel Blockers
Cl- Channel Blockers
Na+ & Ca2+ Channel Blockers
ASIC Channel Blockers

To view Wuhan More Biotechnology’s complete range of products click here. 

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