Friday, 29 July 2011

MBL RIP-Chip Assay for microRNA

MBL was established in Japan and originally concentrated on the development and production of immunological diagnostic reagents, especially for collagen diseases and autoimmune diseases.
In 1993 MBL International was established in the USA and is now a leading life science company focused on providing high quality products and solutions for life science research and clinical diagnostics. Much of the focus is in the areas of Apoptosis, Signal Transduction, Cell Proliferation and Heat Shock Proteins, as well as many other areas of cell biology.

RIP-Chip Assay:
RNA-Binding Protein Immunoprecipitation – RIP-Chip – is a technology used to identify functionally related mRNAs and other RNAs associated with RNA binding proteins (RBP).
RBPs are significant factors that regulate and coordinate gene expression of multiple mRNAs and noncoding regulatory RNAs.
See below for MBL’s educational video on RIP-Chip assay microRNA.
  • Identify miRNAs bound to their mRNA targets
  • Analyse the maturation mechanism of miRNA
  • Identify novel miRNA and construct miRNA libraries

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Infinicyt™ Workshops for your flow cytometry data analysis!

We regularly run a number of complimentary hands on workshops throughout the UK to showcase the benefits that Infinicyt software has to offer.

Infinicyt is a powerful software instrument for data integration and multi-dimensional analysis of flow cytometry files. It allows a wide range of data analysis possibilities permitting a potentially infinite number of dimensions to be examined.

Merge different data files from one or more samples – multiple-tube analysis in a single step!

Calculate parameters not directly measured and multidimensional reconstruction with real and estimated data.

Integrated information is represented in an easy way with the most powerful tools for N-Colour analysis, statistics and reports.

Infinicyt software is provided by Cytognos, a biotechnology company committed to advancing flow cytometry through the design and development of new reagents, software and techniques.

The development of new, up-to-date software tools for the analysis and interpretation of complex multidimensional flow cytometry data, has become mandatory.

Infinicyt software was built in close collaboration between industry and academia through the EuroFlow project, as a new platform incorporating such required developments, in an attempt to make analysis and interpretation of flow cytometry data, easier and comprehensive. For this purpose, new and unique tools together with reference data have been incorporated into the software. Data derived from 8-colour, 10-parameter staining were employed for the design, implementation and evaluation of the developed features.

Each workshop is a full day course designed to give delegates a hands on opportunity to experience the features and benefits of Infinicyt™.

We encourage participants to bring along their own data as every workshop incorporates time for delegates to analyse real life data.

To experience the full potential of Infinicyt™, for further information about the software or if you are interested in attending one of our workshops please contact

See for yourself what Infinicyt™ can offer - download a one month free trial of Infinicyt™ software here.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

FlowCytometryUK 2011 – York Exhibition

On the 18th- 20th July we exhibited at the Royal York Hotel for the FlowCytometryUK 2011 meeting.

The meeting highlighted advances in flow and image instrumentation, high content screening, cancer and stem cell biology, applications of clinical cytometry and the development of novel probes and approaches in many areas of biomedical research.

The meeting was an exciting event and an excellent opportunity for all to interact and share with work colleagues in related fields as well as gain awareness of other technologies and methodologies.

Caltag Medsystems also hosted one hour workshop sessions to learn more about Infinicyt – multidimensional flow cytometry data analysis software.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

MBL – Alexa Fluor Probed Antibodies

With spectra almost identical to those of fluorescein, but with far greater fluorescence in its conjugates and significantly better photostability, the Alexa Fluor 488 dye is indisputably the best green-fluorescent reactive dye available.
Currently, MBL provides nine different antibodies for flow cytometry utilizing the Alexa Fluor dyes:

  • Alexa488 Mouse IgG1 (product code: M075-A48)
  • Alexa488 Mouse IgG2a (product code: M076-A48)
  • Alexa488 Mouse IgG2b (product code: M077-A48)
  • Alexa488-anti-CX3CR1 (product code: D070-A48)
  • Alexa488-anti-FAK (product code: D061-A48)
  • Alexa488-anti-Fas/CD95 (product code: MD-10-A48)
  • Alexa488-anti-Myc-tag (product code: M047-A48)
  • Alexa488-anti-SUMO-2/3 (product code: M114-A48)
  • Alexa488-anti Nectin-3 (product code: K0224-A48)

Monday, 25 July 2011

Signosis - Human p450 cDNA Plate Array

Cytochrome P450 is a multi-gene family of enzymes, which play a central role in the oxidative metabolism of a wide range of xenobiotics, including anticancer drugs. Human CYP genes encode fifty-seven P450 proteins with numerous homologue variants in different tissues. They are highly differentially expressed in response to a variety of environmental chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Signosis have developed a P450 cDNA Plate Array for profiling the expression of a panel of 22 of these CYP genes.

Human p450 cDNA Plate Array, Product code: AP-0202

Analysis of expression of P450 genes. 2ug of RNAs from MCF7, HL-60, HeLa and 293 cell lines were subjected to the P450 cDNA plate assay.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Symansis - Cell Signalling Science

Caltag Medsystems has been awarded the UK and ROI distributorship for Symansis.

Symansis was founded by a group of leading cancer research scientists from the UK, USA and New Zealand. The company is situated in modern facilities, with GMP manufacturing, in the South Island of New Zealand.

Symansis products are of particular use in drug discovery and in the analysis of the effects of potential drug compounds on the activation of intra-cellular kinases. Symansis also supply human cell expressed proteins complete with all the glycosylation moieties ensuring full physiological function. These proteins are of interest in the fields of inflammation, cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer.

View the Symansis product range here.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Abnova - Distributed in the UK and Ireland by Caltag Medsystems

Abnova - The World's Largest Monoclonal Antibody and Recombinant Protein Manufacturer is distributed by us.
Abnova has taken a genomic/proteomic approach towards antibody development and aims to have at least one antibody to every human expressed gene in the human genome. Abnova manufacture all products, recombinant proteins and antibodies in house, in state of the art facilities in Taiwan and has a capacity for generating 500 mouse monoclonal antibodies per month.

Keep an eye out for the latest from Abnova on our website.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Welcome to the new Caltag Medsystems Blog!

We thought it was about time we started talking more to our customers.

Our idea is that this blog will keep you in the loop with what's going on and up to date with all the latest news with everything to do with us at Caltag Medsystems.

As you already know we are a UK distributor of high quality biological reagents, antibodies, enzymes, kits and related products for use in research applications. Our products are sourced from carefully selected suppliers and cover a range of areas including:
  • Molecular Biology
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Histology
  • ELISA Kits
  • Immunology
  • Tissue Arrays
  • GPCRs
  • Cancer

If we don't have the reagent you need then let us know - we'll find it for you!

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