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Reliable antigenemia test to detect active CMV infection

CMV Brite™ Turbo

The antigenemia standard for CMV diagnosis and monitoring after transplantation

CMV infection in the healthy human, is usually subclinical. However, in the immunocompromised host and the developing foetus it may result in either localized or disseminated disease. Clinical manifestations of CMV disease include pneumonia, retinitis, hepatitis, enteritis, and neurological disease. Despite improved treatment modalities, CMV infection may result in significant morbidity and mortality. Patients are at risk from both primary CMV infection and reactivation of latent virus.

Early and rapid diagnosis of active CMV infection is of great importance in avoiding over-treatment with immunosuppressive drugs and in guiding antiviral therapy. The standard in CMV testing, antigenemia, is a non-culture technique that detects an active infection by blood sample analysis and is optimized for use in the CMV Brite™ and CMV Brite™ Turbo kit.

CMV Brite™, the first FDA registered immunofluorescence antigenemia kit for in vitro CMV diagnosis, uses the well defined C10/C11 antibody cocktail to detect the CMV lower matrix phosphoprotein (pp65), an early antigen in virus replication, which is abundantly present in antigen-positive polymorphonuclear cells (PMNs). The CMV Brite™ kit contains all the reagents and sample analysis is completed in 4 hours. The kit is available in 40 and 100 test format. The 40 test kit is designed for analysis of single patient samples per experiment, while in the 100 test kit more patient samples can be analyzed in parallel per experiment. A unique feature of this kit is the option for further susceptibility studies of the (positive) isolated PBMC fraction not possible with any other antigenemia kit. The CMV Brite™ Turbo kit, is a rapid version of the CMV Brite™ kit and results are obtained in 2 hours!

Special features of the CMV Brite Turbo Kit

  • A complete kit containing all the reagents needed from cell preparation to immunofluorescence staining.
  • A cocktail of antibodies specific for pp65. Antibodies C10/C11 are highly specific for pp65 and have been well documented (2,3,4,5).
  • Detection of CMV pp65 positive PMNs by indirect immunofluorescence gives high sensitivity and easy reading of the results.
  • The number of CMV pp65 positive cells are counted per duplicate stain.
  • Control slides are included. Each slide contains one negative and one positive control spot. The positive control spot is a combination of normal blood leukocytes and pp65 transfected cells.
  • Shelf life of at least 18 months.
  • Completed within 2 hours of sample collection.

Materials and reagents supplied in the CMV Brite™ Turbo Kit

  • Erythrocyte Lysing Solution
  • Fixative solution
  • Permeabilization solution
  • Mouse monoclonal antibody C10/C11 specific for CMV pp65
  • FITC conjugated sheep anti-mouse immunoglobulin with Evans Blue
  • Control slides. Each slide containing one negative and one CMV pp65 positive cytospot
Product Code: VIR-CMV 110

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