Friday, 9 December 2011

miRNA Northern Blot Assay Kit

Expression of miRNAs is highly regulated and tissue-specific. Many of miRNAs are differentially expressed in human cancers. Microarray profiling of miRNA expression leads to identification of differentially expressed miRNA in cancers. miRNA expression, tissue distribution, and microarray data validation often need northern blot analysis, with which the difference can be directly visualized, mature miRNA differentiated from its precursor, and the expression level of miRNA compared with internal controls such as U6 RNA. Signosis miRNA northern blot assay kits provide a non-radioactive, simple, and highly sensitive tool to conduct the assay.

miRNA northern blot assay kits offer the following benefits:
  • No isotope is required - it is a chemiluminescent-based detection.
  • No probe preparation - biotin pre-labelled probes are available.
  • All components in one kit - gel, membrane, and solutions for RNA transfer, hybridization, and detection are provided in the kits.
  • Simple procedure – the assay is simple and straightforward.
RNA samples are separated through gel electrophoresis and transferred onto a membrane. Expression of a specific miRNA is detected with a biotin-labelled probe. This regular Northern blot assay is suitable to most moderate to high expressors of miRNA. High sensitive Northern blot (NB-1001 and HP-XXXX) is needed to analyze low expressors of miRNA.

Product code: NB-0001
Download the datasheet here.

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