Friday, 25 November 2011

Product Launch - OC-515 and CF Blue

New antibodies conjugated with new fluorochromes and new antibodies premixed derived from EuroflowTM.

Main characteristics of OC-515 and CF Blue:
  • Compatible with the standard filter sets of cytometers equipped with violet laser
  • Emission spectrum is narrow and well separated. Optimal stain index.
Both reagents are under the validation of the Euroflow and will be added to the recommended Euroflow reagents list. Reagents achieve the necessary quality to use in the study of biological samples such as Human Peripheral Blood or Human Bone Marrow.

OC-515 - an alternative to Pacific Orange
Does not present excitation detected in the 488nm laser, needs minimal compensation requirements

New reagents available conjugated with OC-515:
CD45OC-515 (clone GA90, isotype IgG2a)
CD138OC-515 (clone B-A38, isotype IgG1)

CF Blue - an alternative to Pacific Blue

New reagents available conjugated with CF Blue:
CD3CF Blue (clone GA60, isotype IgG1)
CD4CF Blue (clone H2P/6, isotype IgG2a)
CD20CF Blue (clone LT20, isotype IgG2a)

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