Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Leuko64: Routine diagnosis of inflammation and bacterial sepsis

Monitoring infection by the detection of CD64 on neutrophils - For use on multi-parameter flow cytometers.

Neutrophil CD64 expression is rapidly increased both in vitro and in vivo within hours by mediators of inflammation, such as interferon-gamma and G-CSF. The same change is observed in response to documented infection or tissue injury, indicating the measurement of neutrophil CD64 expression correlates with the presence of infection or sepsis in humans.

The Leuko64 assay is intended for use in routine diagnosis of inflammation and bacterial sepsis by the measurement of leukocyte and specifically neutrophil CD64 levels in blood.

Special Features of the Leuko64 assay:
1) CD64 is an early onset marker for inflammatory responses to infection or tissue injury,
2) Clear Distinction between inflammation and conditions like leukemia, pregnancy or steroid therapy.

Clinical Applications:
1) Screening for infection severity in outpatients and hospitalised patients
2) Therapeutic monitor of antibiotic response in infection
3) Monitoring post-operative and post-chemotherapy patients, HIV+ patients and others at risk of infection/sepsis.

Leuko64 (75 test) Product Code: LK64-75 Reduced price sample kits available, email office@caltagmedsystems.co.uk to receive your kit. Usual list price £392, limited time offer price.

Leuko64 (250 test) Product Code: LK64-250 .

The Leuko64 Assay kit is CE marked as an IVD; FDA clearance and patents are pending.

Key Benefits:
1) Automated software, co-developed with Verity Software House, for flow cytometric and Cell-Dyn list mode data analysis. The QuantiCALC for Leuko64 software uses iterative cluster finding algorithms and is included in the assay kit.
2) Requires only 50 ┬Ál of blood and under one hour of hands-on time.
3) Superior diagnostic evaluation of infection - sensitivity 90.5%, specificity 96.3%, positive predictive value 95.0%, negative predictive value 92.9%
4) Standardized assay with internal calibrator and controls.
5) Automated user-friendly software allows for excellent reproducibility (CV < 5%).

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