Monday, 19 September 2011

Smart-IP: Tag Antibodies Conjugated to Magnetic Beads for Immunprecipitation

  • Ready to use
  • No time consuming centrifugation steps
  • High recovery of beads
  • Complete removal of supernatant
MBL International Corporation introduces Smart-IP, a line of highly specific antibodies conjugated to magnetic beads. Conventional immunoprecipitation of tagged proteins requires centrifugation steps and several washing steps. Smart-IP improves efficiency by reducing time-consuming processes. The spherical, 3┬Ám magnetic beads are covalently bound to a Tag antibody and the beads are easily isolated using a magnetic stand. The supernatant is extracted with minimal sample loss.

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    Thanks for providing these useful tips over here. Tag antibodies developed against a variety of protein tags can be utilized for various applications, which is used to detect the expression of the recombinant protein as well as to purify them and to readily detect the proteins in assays such as western blotting...

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