Monday, 12 September 2011

Cytomark supplied by Caltag Medsystems Ltd

Cytomark is a biotechnology company dedicated to the manufacture of flow cytometry reagents.

Cytomark was formed to bring to the market blood stabilisation technologies developed by UK NEQAS who are responsible for External Quality Assurance in Blood Pathology in the UK and many other countries in Europe. The development of these technologies arose out of the need to transport whole blood samples between laboratories without any cellular degradation.
Cytomark has two blood stabilisation technologies, TransFix® for short term stabilisation and CytoFix® for longer term stabilisation. Both technologies preserve blood cells and in particular cellular markers while preserving the light scatter properties of the blood. This makes them ideal for use in conjunction with diagnostic techniques involving laser refraction such as flow cytometry.

TransFix® is a stabilisation solution that when added to peripheral blood samples, CSF, bone marrow etc. will stabilise the sample for up to 10 days. TransFix® stabilises samples at ambient temperatures of up to 37⁰C, allowing samples to be collected and transported without refrigeration. Samples can also be grouped and batched for analysis prior to transportation to the laboratory saving time and money. TransFix® has been extensively used in collection of samples for HIV/AIDS immune monitoring and is currently being tested in conjunction with diseases including malaria and TB.

CytoFix® is a manufacturing process used to manufacture whole blood controls for clinical pathology. CytoFix® whole blood controls are stable for up to 6 months when stored at 4⁰C. They can be used for external quality assurance assessment of testing laboratories and as daily run controls by individual laboratories.
CytoFix® CD4 controls have been developed for HIV/AIDS immune monitoring: CytoFix® CD4 Low (200 CD4 count) and CytoFix® CD4 Normal (>600 CD4 count). These controls have been adopted by CDC laboratories in Uganda, Kenya and Côte d’Ivoire. The benefits of these controls over other competitors are price (less than 50% of the cost of the nearest competitor) and stability (6 months shelf life) making these economical and effective products in resource poor areas of the world.

CytoFix® stabilisation technology can also be applied to any cellular solution in order to manufacture controls that are stable and consistent. Research is ongoing to develop whole blood controls for malaria in conjunction with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

For more information on Cytomark visit their website here.

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