Friday, 9 September 2011

Come and see us in York...

We are exhibiting at the annual Flow Cytometry course held at The University of York, hosted by The Royal Microscopical Society (RMS). The Flow Cytometry exhibition will be held on the 14th September 2011 in the Department of Biology.

The RMS is at the forefront of new ideas and developments on microscopy and imaging, and has been so for 180 years. It is the only truly international microscopical society, drawing distinguished members from all over the world.

It is dedicated to advancing science, developing careers and supporting wider understanding of science and microscopy.

The course runs from the 12th – 16th September and is constructed as a set of three modules. The modules consist of lectures interspersed with sessions in the laboratory.

For Module 1, no prior knowledge of flow cytometry is assumed. It will give you a firm grounding in the basics of flow cytometry. There is also a strong emphasis on practical application with four practical sessions included.

The later Modules assume that you have some basic knowledge of flow cytometry (which can be obtained by taking Module 1).

Module 2, Clinical Applications, will include practical sessions and lectures on applications including immunophenotyping leukaemias, quality control, applications to transplantation and blood transfusion, apoptosis, AIDS and cytokines.

Module 3, Applications in Cell Biology, will include a study of the DNA histogram and the cell cycle, measuring cell cycle kinetics in cultures and in tumours in vivo, using labelling with bromodeoxyuridine, the measurement of cell cycle related proteins, cytokines, apoptosis (including practical work) and microbiology.

Download the course programme here.

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  1. Looking forward to meeting everyone there!
    Come along and meet me and Samantha between 10.30am to 4pm :)


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