Friday, 12 August 2011

Signosis launch new product

Signosis have launched a Multiple TF Reporter Real-time PCR Kit

Signosis has developed a proprietary technology for monitoring the activation of multiple Transcription Factors simultaneously. In TF reporter real-time PCR kit, 24 TF reporter vector mix is transfected into the cells in one transfection. The activation of 24 TFs is monitored simultaneously with SYBR green based real-time PCR directly in cell lysates without RNA preparation with CL™ cell lysis buffer.

The procedure is very simple with 3 steps:
  1. TF reporter vector mix containing 24 TF reporter vectors is transfected into cells. Each TF has a corresponding cis-element and a unique reporter tag sequence.
  2. The transfected cells are treated with and without an inducer for 3-5 hours.
  3. The cell lysates are prepared, transcribed into cDNA and subsequently subjected to real-time PCR. The difference in TF’s can be identified through comparison of two samples.

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