Monday, 1 August 2011

Monosan announce the release of HGAL for the detection of follicular lymphoma.

This RUO antibody is available as concentrate or predilute (ready to use). Monosan’s HGAL is compatible with most automated staining platforms.

HGAL is a mouse monoclonal antibody that has the highest sensitivity of all established diagnostic markers (CD10, bcl6, and bcl2) for follicular lymphoma. It marks both follicular components and the diffuse interfollicular components that other markers are not sensitive enough to detect. CD10 and bcl6 have been more difficult antibodies to work with on lymphoid tissues, but HGAL doesn’t share this laborious characteristic. The high degree of specificity for germinal center B-cells makes anti-HGAL an ideal marker for the detection of germinal center-derived B-cell lymphomas.

benign follicle in tonsil follicular lymphoma

Moab anti HGAL, 1.0ml concentrate (product code: MON3368)

Moab anti HGAL, 7 mL pre-diluted ready-to-use (product code: MON-RTU1249)

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