Tuesday, 16 August 2011

FIX & PERM® by An Der Grub

An Der Grub’s FIX&PERM® for suspension stainings and flow cytometric analysis of intracellular antigens.

Flow cytometric analysis with monoclonal antibodies has been primarily restricted to cell surface molecules. Intracellular structures including cytoplasmic or nuclear enzymes, oncoproteins, cytokines and immunoglobulins were largely excluded from such studies.

Also excluded from flow cytometric studies were cytoplasmic localizations of well established membrane molecules like CD3 and CD22, which, in their cytoplasmic form, are the most reliable lineage markers in undifferentiated leukemia. With the FIX&PERM® Kit flow cytometric analysis of intracellular antigens has become as easy as surface antigen studies.

The FIX&PERM® Cell Permeabilization Kit contains 2 reagents: Fixation Medium (Solution A) and Permeabilization Medium (Solution B). It is intended for first fixing cells in suspension with Solution A and then permeabilizing the cell membranes with Solution B. This procedure gives antibodies access to intracellular structures and leaves the morphological scatter characteristics of cells intact.

Specific formulations reduce background staining and allow simultaneous addition of permeabilization medium and fluorochrome labeled antibodies. FIX&PERM® is suitable for the analysis of normal and malignant leukocyte populations derived from various human biological samples (blood, bone marrow and others) using flow cytometry.

FIX&PERM Kit (Product Code: GAS-002)

FIX&PERM Sample Kit (Product Code: GAS-002M)

FIX&PERM Kit 1000 (Product Code: GAS-002-1)

FIX&PERM Solution A (Fix) (Product Code: Gas-002A-1)

FIX&PERM Solution B (Perm) (Product Code: GAS-002B-1)

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