Friday, 5 August 2011

AdipoGen – now distributed by Caltag Medsystems.

Adipogen supply advanced ELISA kits for the life science reagents market including the areas of cancer, immunology, inflammation, metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity), stem cells and neurodegeneration.
In addition to the antibody and protein facilities, AdipoGen also own chemical laboratories, enabling them to develop new and innovative biochemicals.

The AdipoGen Institute for Life Science connects immunology to metabolism. In the next decades both diseases, obesity and diabetes, are considered to increase significantly worldwide. It becomes more and more evident that both diseases are not only a result of unbalanced nutrition but are closely related to inflammatory processes. To establish better cures of the diseases, it is necessary to understand the cross-talk between the hormones and cytokines, which are secreted from fat cells and immune cells, and to understand the principles of the specific binding of ligands to the receptors. The Adipogen Institute for Life Science offers a drug design platform, through i) discovering and characterizing adipokines and cytokines, which are secreted from fat cells and immune cells regulating glucose and fat metabolism, and ii) identifying and characterizing the receptor genes of these secreted factors.

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