Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Abnova offer wide range of kits!

Abnova have over 1000 kits on their catalogue and here at Caltag Medsystems we supply them all!

This week we’re talking about ELISA kits.
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) kits are used mainly to detect and quantify proteins, antibodies, peptides, or hormones in a sample. In ELISA’s, antigens are immobilized on a solid support, either coated directly or through specific capture antibodies. Primary detection antibodies are then applied, forming a complex with the antigen. If conjugated with an enzyme, the detection antibody can directly be used to quantify the antigen, or can itself be quantified by another enzyme-conjugated secondary antibody. The method chosen depends on which target you are investigating.
Featured Abnova kits this month are the following:
  • Corticosterone ELISA Kit (product code: KA0468)
  • Ferritin (Human) ELISA Kit (product code: KA0211)
  • Bdnf (Mouse) ELISA Kit (product code: KA0331)
  • EPO (Human) ELISA Kit (product code: KA0175)
  • Anti-Lactoferrin Ab ELISA Kit (product code: KA1267)
  • Albumin (Mouse) ELISA Kit (product code: KA0489)
  • LBP (Human) ELISA Kit (product code: KA0448)
  • APOB (Human) ELISA Kit (product code: KA1028)
  • PMN-Elastase (Human) ELISA Kit (product code: KA0163)
To see more ELISA kits click here.

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