Tuesday, 26 July 2011

MBL – Alexa Fluor Probed Antibodies

With spectra almost identical to those of fluorescein, but with far greater fluorescence in its conjugates and significantly better photostability, the Alexa Fluor 488 dye is indisputably the best green-fluorescent reactive dye available.
Currently, MBL provides nine different antibodies for flow cytometry utilizing the Alexa Fluor dyes:

  • Alexa488 Mouse IgG1 (product code: M075-A48)
  • Alexa488 Mouse IgG2a (product code: M076-A48)
  • Alexa488 Mouse IgG2b (product code: M077-A48)
  • Alexa488-anti-CX3CR1 (product code: D070-A48)
  • Alexa488-anti-FAK (product code: D061-A48)
  • Alexa488-anti-Fas/CD95 (product code: MD-10-A48)
  • Alexa488-anti-Myc-tag (product code: M047-A48)
  • Alexa488-anti-SUMO-2/3 (product code: M114-A48)
  • Alexa488-anti Nectin-3 (product code: K0224-A48)

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