Thursday, 28 July 2011

Infinicyt™ Workshops for your flow cytometry data analysis!

We regularly run a number of complimentary hands on workshops throughout the UK to showcase the benefits that Infinicyt software has to offer.

Infinicyt is a powerful software instrument for data integration and multi-dimensional analysis of flow cytometry files. It allows a wide range of data analysis possibilities permitting a potentially infinite number of dimensions to be examined.

Merge different data files from one or more samples – multiple-tube analysis in a single step!

Calculate parameters not directly measured and multidimensional reconstruction with real and estimated data.

Integrated information is represented in an easy way with the most powerful tools for N-Colour analysis, statistics and reports.

Infinicyt software is provided by Cytognos, a biotechnology company committed to advancing flow cytometry through the design and development of new reagents, software and techniques.

The development of new, up-to-date software tools for the analysis and interpretation of complex multidimensional flow cytometry data, has become mandatory.

Infinicyt software was built in close collaboration between industry and academia through the EuroFlow project, as a new platform incorporating such required developments, in an attempt to make analysis and interpretation of flow cytometry data, easier and comprehensive. For this purpose, new and unique tools together with reference data have been incorporated into the software. Data derived from 8-colour, 10-parameter staining were employed for the design, implementation and evaluation of the developed features.

Each workshop is a full day course designed to give delegates a hands on opportunity to experience the features and benefits of Infinicyt™.

We encourage participants to bring along their own data as every workshop incorporates time for delegates to analyse real life data.

To experience the full potential of Infinicyt™, for further information about the software or if you are interested in attending one of our workshops please contact

See for yourself what Infinicyt™ can offer - download a one month free trial of Infinicyt™ software here.

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